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"Mortified nurse sheds 7 stone after her bikini top SNAPS.."

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"It's the slimming aid hailed a gastric band in a glass..."

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  • Feel fuller for longer
  • Snack Less
  • Lose weight
  • Get more vitamin C & B3
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Cal

Success Stories

Marc is a true inspiration to anyone looking to lose weight. Marc has lost 4 stone in total going from very little excursive and a poor diet to the complete opposite.

Marc has tried everything to lose weight but never found the right system for him. Since Skinny Sprinkles the weight has fallen off. Mark has done his first 10k and now uses Skinny Sprinkles to maintain his weight loss.

If your looking to lose weight try our 20 day challenge its the ideal way to lose weight and keep it off.

Michelle was 16 and a half stone and regularly snacked on crisps, bars of chocolate and cream cakes before deciding to change her ways. She’s lost four and a half stone, dropping to a healthy 12 stone, and has gone from a dress size 20 to a trim size 12.

Michelle had been trying to lose weight ever since she had her three children. She was a stay at home mum and fell into that trap of eating the kid’s leftovers, snacking on whatever they were snacking on and not having the time to do any proper exercise - was eating rubbish and not moving enough.

Michelle says "Skinny Sprinkles has changed my life, it has helped me overhaul my diet. I no longer snack as I don’t feel the need to, my portion sizes are under control and the increased energy means I can exercise more which also helps me to maintain my weight loss.”

Rachel, from Maidstone started using Skinny Sprinkles to shed a few pounds before a sunshine holiday in Ibiza. She went from 11 stone to 9 stone 11 in just 12 weeks and is now working to maintain that loss.

Rachel said: “My weight stays pretty stable but there are times when I want to lose a few extra pounds. I have tried lots of other diets – high protein diets, exercise intense programmes as well as the usual slimming groups.

“Skinny Sprinkles allows me to have a healthy lifestyle, indulge in treats without feeling guilty and follow a workout plan that works for me. It gives me balance which so many weight loss programmes fail to do.”

Mel has gone from 22st to 13st and lost the last 6 stone with the help of Skinny Sprinkles. Before losing the weight, Mel would snack on crisps, biscuits and chocolate and eat ready meals, chips and chicken nuggets to fill her up. She now eats three regular meals a day cooking everything from scratch, drinks lots of water and snacks on fruit.

My weight climbed to 22 stone, I wasn’t eating healthily, I was drinking too much and I was doing absolutely no exercise.

“The weight steadily fell off and I went from feeling fat, lethargic and fed up to slim and loving life.”

Mel says she couldn’t have lost the weight without the help of Skinny Sprinkles and its key ingredient glucomannan – which works by absorbing water, expanding and taking up room in your stomach meaning you need less to eat and are less likely to snack.

Sarah had put on weight after the birth of her two children and at only 5” 2 Sarah was classed as overweight medically. Determined to lose weight Sarah

tried various crash diets - cabbage soup and grapefruit & apple cider vinegar none of which she stuck to as they were completely unsustainable and in her own words quite frankly disgusting! So she turned to Skinny Sprinkles and lost a total of 1st 5lbs.

Sarah says "Skinny Sprinkles gives me the boost I need and I forget I was even hungry to start with"

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Duo Saver Pack

Candy Apple

RRP £49.90

Now Only £29.90

More InfoLimited Time Offer!