Eat to fuel your body not to feed your emotions.



Cereal breakfasts choose from: 40g Bran Flakes, 40g All Bran, 40g Special K, 40g Shreddies, 2 Weetabix, 2 Shredded Wheat served with 125ml semi-skimmed milk. Top with half a chopped banana, a small chopped apple or a big handful of your favourite berries


A 300ml bowl of fresh carton lentil-based soup (around 150 calories), with half a home bake brown or granary baguette.


120g roast chicken, 120g ready made roast potatoes and small stuffing ball (made from stuffing mix). Plus steamed or boiled vegetables and gravy granules.


Slice of wholemeal toast with teaspoon butter and Marmite


This series of exercises should be completed 4 times in a week every other day, do each circuit three times in total, seeking to do as many exercises as the time allows.

Strength: Push-ups for 30 seconds. Preferably on your toes but moving to your bent knees if need be.

Cardio: Star Jumps (Jumping jacks) for 30 seconds.

Recovery: March (1 minute).

Strength: Squats for 30 seconds. With feet hip-width apart, arms straight out in front of you and spine straight, bend legs as if sitting down.

Keep knees in line with ankles as you squat. Return to standing.

Cardio: Star Jumps (Jumping jacks) for 30 seconds. Recovery: Gentle marching for 1 minute.

Strength: Alternating split-stance bent-over rows for 30 seconds. With a dumbbell in each hand, step left foot forward, bendingboth legs slightly. Lean forward from waist, abs tight and spine straight, palms facing in. Bend right arm, bringing dumbbell to waist. Lower and repeat on left side, alternating arms. After 15 seconds, switch legs so right foot is forward.

Cardio: Star Jumps (Jumping jacks) for 30 seconds. Recovery: March for 1 minute.

Do circuit three times, then cool down and stretch.



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